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Let’s Learn About Lighting!

It has been nearly 2 years since my last tutorial. I mean, it’s not like I’m busy with a couple of toddlers or anything… Anyhow, here is a quick blurb on natural lighting. These photos were taken in full sun, which can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Or awesome if you […]

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Let’s Learn About Shutter Speed!

OK, scrape yourself up off the floor.  No, you are not seeing things.  Yes, this is another tutorial!  Happy day. So tonight Phil and I decided to check out the “Super Moon” and I thought it was a great opportunity to try out my 85mm at night.  I wanted to get the moon as clearly […]

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LightRoom Preset | Grand Rapids Photography

Last weekend I teased that I would be releasing my very first LightRoom Preset.  FREE!  This beautiful preset is called “Sugar and Spice.”   It perfectly warms, highlights, sharpens, and vignettes your outdoor portraits with the click of a button!  Those of you familiar with LR know that every preset requires a bit of tweaking […]

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Let’s Learn About Aperture!

**Disclaimer: I shoot with Canon and thus use Canon in my examples.  The same principles apply to other camera systems, they just look a little different. Anytime I mention Aperture to my  husband (which I do a lot since it’s my favorite part of photography) he looks at me and says, “Aperture Science?”   It’s a […]

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Let’s Learn About Cameras!

My husband gave me a Canon Rebel for Christmas a couple years ago – my first dSLR.  I spent hours reading books and tutorials about how to use my camera and how to process my photos.  I devoted myself to a daily photography project.   I was determined to master the manual modes and use my […]

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