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More reasons to love

photography. I actually didn’t mind walking around without a jacket on this breezy cool day.  If  it weren’t for the Rebel in my hand, I would have been miserable. I was starving when I headed out to take pictures and forgot to get lunch until almost 1 because I was having so much fun. I […]

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I love photography.  I love that each picture I take is better than the last one.  I love that I am capturing beauty and creating art. You know the age old question, “What would you do if money were no object?”  It would be photography.  I’d wander around all day taking pictures of people and […]

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Vector attempt

In keeping with my promise to work on a logo, I attempted a Vector last night.  I used the photograph used in the current header and got about 3 layers in when I realized this was a really terrible idea.  No more vectors for now, I’m going to let my camera do the work and […]

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I was going to work on a logo tonight, but I didn’t have time.  I’m not certain what I’ll do yet, but I’m thinking I’ll somehow incorporate a flower and/or the color pink.  I’ll be thinking about it tonight in bed, I’m sure…

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A few pictures

For Christmas my husband bought me a Canon Rebel Xs – my first dSLR.  Since receiving it, I have taken a picture every day in hopes of improving my knowledge of photography and learning more about the world around me.  I have developed an unquenchable love for photography and hope to open a studio where […]

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