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Ashley + Nathan | Grand Rapids Wedding Photography

I love wedding season. Every wedding we photograph has a different way of amazing me because each couple brings their own special touch to it. The last wedding that I photographed with Jamie Geysbeek Photography was, of course, no exception.

The ceremony can be challenging to photograph due to space and lighting constraints – some churches are just really poorly lit. It can be frustrating, but you dial up the ISO and deal with it. Well, our last wedding was at St. Nicholas Antiochan Orthodox Church and it was a.ma.zing. All churches should have that many windows!


But I’m getting ahead of myself. First the Bride had to get ready.

And the details had to be photographed. Look at this amazing door in the church!

And then the ceremony could start.

And Nathan could finally lay eyes on Ashley in all her bridal beauty.

As the kids looked on… someday they’ll understand. :)

You  may recognize one of the Bridesmaids… Dani (on the Bride’s right) was one of our Brides last year!

And of course they all gathered together to celebrate becoming Mr. and Mrs.

Thank you for the privilege of capturing your special day. Congratulations!


Megan + Benjamin | Grand Rapids Wedding Photography


A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure, as always, of working with Jamie Geysbeek to document a gorgeous Grand Rapids Wedding. Megan and Benjamin surrounded themselves with all their best friends and family on a beautiful day in June. With pink and coral, it was a bright and cheery day.

Ridin’ Bikes | Grand Rapids Photography

Today I had the privilege of photographing a beautiful wedding in Hudsonville with Jamie Geysbeek Photography. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos to share with you because I gave my memory cards to Jamie, so… keep an eye on his Facebook page :)

While I was away, Dad took the kiddos to see The LEGO Movie for the second time. June 17 apparently can’t come soon enough, we all love that movie! Following the movie the kids decided to take epic naps. And by epic I mean they woke up at 7pm. Can you say bedtime disaster? It’s 10:45 and they are actually still awake. But I digress.

I kicked the kids outside and they decided it was bike riding time. Since my camera was handy I figured it was about time I got photos of them on their bikes.

Ryan has this little balance bike that he loves, despite his HULK SMASH moment with it a few weeks ago. I’m not kidding, he picked up that little bike full off the ground and threw it down while yelling, “I don’t WANNA wide dat biquil!” Ryan calls bikes/bicycles “biquils.” It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

He’s getting really good on the balance bike. I told him if he picks up his feet he’ll go downhill really fast, but he wasn’t on board with that idea yet.

Katie has this totally awesome white, black, and PINK bike with training wheels. She got it for her birthday a few weeks ago. I can’t get over how big the bike is and, more so, how well it fits her. Katie also insisted on getting a basket for the bike so she could put her stuffed animals in it.

She’s super proud of it and finally getting the hang of it. Tonight she figured out the handbrake and going down(gradual)hill. Poor girl is still working on the leg strength for pedaling uphill, but she’s getting there. I just have to give her a little nudge every once in while.

Hopefully the kids can get the hang of their bikes soon, because they’ve been asking to bike to the park. Being that it’s a little over 1.5 miles, we are so not ready for that yet!



Indian Lake | Grand Rapids Photography

On Sunday the kids and I road tripped down to Indian Lake.

I grew up visiting this nice, little lake in Vicksburg, Michigan. My grandpa and his wife Kaye lived on one side of the lake and my grandma and her friend Betty lived on the other. I remember many a chilly Memorial Day wrapped in one of Kaye’s big, warm blankets laying in the hammock or floating in the pontoon boat around the lake.

I also remember the hot Independence Days catching minnows, swimming in the fresh water, and zooming around the lake in a tube. My cousins and I would play croquet on the lawn and Little Mermaid in the water. My brothers would play tennis on the neighbor’s court. I would try, but I never lasted long – sports with balls never were my thing.

There was always plenty of grilling and baked beans, lemonade and sun tea to go around.

None of my family live on the lake anymore, nor have they for years. It was a sad moment when I realized those days of playing in the lake were over.

Fortunately, there is one, little vestige of attachment to Indian Lake. You see, my uncle Larry grew up in a little house on Indian Lake, just a few doors down from where my grandpa lived. He bought that house.

He gets up there a couple times a year and we managed to catch him and Aunt Anne on just such a visit. The kids had a ball playing in the water and the weather was perfect. We even had a chance to visit my grandma and eat some of her delicious carrot cake.

We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and beautiful nature to enjoy. Thank you for having us down, Uncle Larry and Aunt Anne!

Couture Garden Photography | Grand Rapids Photographer

When I first got my camera, I soon discovered a love for photographing nature. Flowers are so vibrant, happy, varied, and incredibly detailed. They make terrific subjects and gorgeous backdrops. In the years that have followed, I have photographed many flowers – from my own backyard to botanical gardens to Central Park.

My idea for Couture Garden Photography was born more than four years ago and I am thrilled to finally realize that dream through Maria Erin Photography. Check out the details of my Couture Garden package and then take some time to flip through the garden gallery. I would love to work with you to immortalize the little beauties you have growing in your masterpiece garden.

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